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Heliostaat embedded systems specialist in embedded systems. STM32 ARM and Microchip PIC®  programmed in C (programming language) and professional made circuit boards using smd components. More on the electronics site. FTDI FT810
Gateway STM32F429 Gateway STM32F429 using Ethernet, SDcard, zigbee, CAN, FT810 7" display 433mhz remote control DSM interface, alarm in and outputs, energy measurement, Class-D sound player
Domotica controller Domotica controller with 18F2680. 434Mhz, receiver CAN 2.0B, RS232. This dual outputs a powered communication bus for the LED's and curtain units below.
K2 luxeon led Red green and Blue Luxeon K3 on a heatsink with controller PCB. Uses 16F688
BXRB-27E0540-A-00 A Bridelux BXRB-27E0540-A-00 build into a standard halogen luminaire. 7 Watt instead of 50 Watt halogen. Excellent warm 2700K color. The circuit board in build into the luminaire socket.
1 Watt powerleds Luxeon RGB Power LED's, on a 2 wire powered communication bus. Uses 16F628
Climate controller Climate contol using cold ground water. Uses 18F4580. CAN 2.0B and RS232 communication.